January 15, 2011

Car Wash Carnival 13th January Mohakhali, Dhaka 2011

Corona Exsior Car Wash Carnival 13th January Mohakhali, Dhaka 2011


Guys got another chance to wash my car 

Cost 250 Taka
Time duration : 25 minutes (max)
Queue cars (2/3) maximum, 
No rush
No Mama bokhish kechal
So please give a try and let me know about your experience

The Germany water enforcer can throw water (30 littre per minute) through the nozzle so now you can imagine how coolest wash you can get from them.

See the latest update

Cheers guys

Heading toward Isha kha filling station : Mohakhali

Kalua is up up up .....

Little Kalua waiting for final wash

Umm..... freezing water.... they are using shampoo+soap mixture... 

Ready to go home

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